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contemporaries of the same status

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Student participants received a questionnaire packet that included the following measures in the following order: demographic sheet, racial similarity items, racial makeup of neighborhood item, the scenario and the five statements for the dependent variables of racial peer group selection, the peer pressure items, and the RIAS-B.
For non-Maryland counties, the most recent CAFR was solicited, and in some cases, the county was dropped from the peer group if its reporting year was more than six months separate from Washington County's.
Negative social behavior predicted negative peer group acceptance and negative friendship quality.
A Collection Overlap report displays the percent of peer group titles and holdings which appear in the user's collection for each LC subject division.
To learn more about TruPoint Partners and Fair Lending Peer Group Analysis please visit http://www.
Relatedly, Tiffany and other middle-class youngsters often find themselves belonging to several different communities at once--the neighborhood community, the school community, the African American peer group, and the church group--yet never realizing a sense of belonging in any setting.
This could have a ripple effect, in that when those youth return home, they might influence their peer group to engage in new leisure activities.
Reda & Associates LLC, suggested that a company's compensation philosophy should have four components: peer group specifics; pay positioning strategy (target percentile); internal and external equity; and alignment with the company's business plan.
It was the opportunity for unsupervised time with their peer group that teens sought.
A new generation of online tools can assist in analyzing risk-financing alternatives, and can benchmark insurance program structures and pricing against a company's peer group based on near-real-time market information.
Constantine, 1997; Duan & Roehlke, 2001), there also may be several advantages to using peer group supervision formats to address multicultural issues with school counselor trainees.
This Digest looks at the limited research available on the role of the peer group in bullying to learn more about how bullying and victimization might emerge or continue during early adolescence.
NACDS peer group--June 1999 June 1999 calculated value Annual % change NACDS peer group S&P 500 NACDS peer group S&P 500 1994 $100.