peel off

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  • verb

Synonyms for peel off

peel off the outer layer of something

take off, as with some difficulty

Related Words

come off in flakes or thin small pieces

peel off in scales

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Coach Larry Robinson was so stressed that he developed a nervous condition that caused skin to peel off his hands.
Durex Gold's packaging is designed to reduce fumbling around with its innovative peel off lid and right side up orientation.
The freezing and thawing of water in fractured joints of the exposed granite, which is constantly expanding, causes large slabs of rock to peel off and slide down the slopes at velocities of well over 100 miles per hour.
SJS and TEN are serious diseases in which extensive areas of skin peel off the body leaving large open wounds (greater than 30% of skin loss) similar in depth to superficial, partial-thickness burns.
The product will not peel off and affect the inner components of the printer - a common problem among other labels.
Omessi said his own heart problem resulting in a triple heart bypass in 1991 helped spur his peeler invention, because he was too weak to help his wife Marcia peel off the tough garlic skin.
Tagalongs(TM) is an easy-to-use personal annotation product that lets users peel off an electronic note, write or record sound on it, and link it to web pages, files and documents.
Starting at the large end where there is an air space, peel off the shell and membrane, dipping as needed into cold water to make the going easier.
If the wafer is fully covered with tungsten during deposition, however, tungsten from the wafer's beveled edge may not be removed during the CMP process and may peel off during subsequent process steps, causing yield-killing contamination.
According to cricket experts, If a bowler notices any unusual thing n the ball, he is due to take it to umpire, and only umpire can cut off the thread, or leather peel off the ball.
In a rushed and unprepared process, it can lead to the car's paint to be removed as you peel off the vinyl.
NREL's cells could be made easily on Stanford's peel off substrate.