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Phillips, "What convinced me of PEEK Scoria's clinical potential were the substantial results compiled from academic research showing that the Scoria surface can effectively osseointegrate with bone and does not have the potential to shear off like titanium coatings.
Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing market due to the easy availability of high-quality raw materials and increasing demand for PEEK from developed and developing countries in the region, such as Japan, China, India, Australia, and others.
Lead author on the paper and co-founder of Peek, Dr Andrew Bastawrous, explained: "With most of the world's blind people living in low-income countries, it is vital we develop new tools to increase early detection and appropriate referral for treatment.
Victrex Peek 150GL30 is a 30 per cent glass fibre-filled polymer that offers a low viscosity to simplify the moulding process.
Meanwhile, the modulus of KT-825 is 50% greater than that of the natural resin at tempera tures below the glass transition temperature (Tg) of PEEK (150[degrees]C).
The other sneak peek shows that Louis is late for the closing argument.
PEEK resin and GPPS in powder form were dried at 80[degrees]C for 12 hr prior to blending, and the weight fraction of GPPS in the blends was 0, 0.
Victrex Peek is characterised by high resistance to chemicals, aggressive cleaning and disinfectant agents, high temperatures and steam.
According to Solvay, KetaSpire PEEK is produced to the industry's highest standards and offers a combination of superlative properties that allow it to replace metal in some of the most severe end-use environments.
The yield-drop sub domain is described by the parameters a and b, only in the case of neat PEEK.
The Sneaky Peek exhibition opens in the G2 Gallery at the Solihull Arts Complex on Monday (June 14) and runs until Monday, June 28.
Solidur, one of Brazil's largest high-performance plastics processing companies, has selected Victrex Peek polymer, manufactured by Victrex Polymer Solutions, a division of Victrex and leading provider of high performance polyaryletherketones, to replace stainless steel filling valves in beverage bottling machines and the housings responsible for placing the threaded cap on each bottle.
Kim Peek, who suffered from a condition similar to autism - Agenesis of Corpus Callosum - was thanked by Dustin Hoffman in his Best Actor acceptance speech, while film-writer Barry Morrow also acknowledged him.
London, December 23 (ANI): Kim Peek, who was the inspiration for the character of Raymond Babbitt, played by Dustin Hoffman, in the movie Rain Man, has died aged 58.
Bodycote Metallurgical Coatings, a provider of Bodycote K-Tech high performance chemically formed ceramic coatings, has introduced a new range of polymer coating products: Tech100 PEEK Polymer, which offers customers non-stick properties and improved performance for products in demanding corrosion and temperature environments.