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Synonyms for pedunculate

having or growing on or from a peduncle or stalk

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Diversity and distribution of the pedunculate barnacle Octolasmis in the seas adjacent to Singapore.
showed that some sessile oaks have low levels of oaklactone in the range of those assayed in pedunculate oaks.
Similar findings elsewhere reinforce the view that inter-tree competition can increase the mortality risk and may thus act as a significant agent behind the decline and death of climate-stressed pedunculate oaks (Rozas & Garcia-Gonzalez, 2012).
2014) conducted a transplanting experiment in the pedunculate barnacle Poecilasma kaempferi Darwin, 1851, by gluing small individuals to large individuals to study the possible shift in sexual expression of the small animals.
glis occupy mature mixed forests with old pedunculate oaks and old hazels.
gloriana the new species differs by the pedunculate spathes, and larger floral parts.
Les chenes sessile et pedoncule, deux ecologies distinctes (Sessile oak and pedunculate oak, two distinct ecologies).
The phase space of diameter growth for pedunculate oak [[phi].
It is the objective of this study to estimate the rate of hybridization between sessile and pedunculate oak in a mixed stand using two complementary approaches.
Mae'r wyau'n cael eu dodwy tua mis Mai neu mis Mehefin fel arfer a hynny ar y dderwen mes digoes (Quercus petraea; sessile oak) a'r dderwen mes coesynnog (Quercus robur; pedunculate oak).
The Welsh logo differs slightly from the English party's emblem, the foliage appears thicker and taller, representative of the differences between the sessile oak and the pedunculate oak, which grows in eastern parts of Britain.
Koleolepas avis (Hiro, 1931) is a pedunculate barnacle symbiotic with the sea anemone Calliactis japonica, which lives on gastropod shells occupied by large hermit crabs [7], mainly Dardanus arrosor.
A second trial site covering four hectares at the Audi production site in Gyor, Hungary, is currently being planted with more than 13,000 Pedunculate Oaks.
This Pedunculate Oak is estimated to be approximately 770 years old, making it a contemporary of Llywellyn Ap Gruffydd and King Edward I.
The distribution, size, and reproduction of the pedunculate barnacle, Octolasmis mulleri (Coker, 1902), on the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun, 1896).