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someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)

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In his personal papers, Pedler noted that several Accra residents had been urging the company to build an 'up-to-date' retail facility for years.
La necesidad de asegurar la coherencia entre las dimensiones tangibles (por ejemplo, la estructura formal) y las intangibles (por ejemplo, la cultura) de una organizacion (West, 1994; Pedler et al, 1991).
Marsh & Pedler (1993), "Unionizing the White Collar Workers", Employee Relations, 1(2)
Romatizmal hastaliklarda karsimiza cikan ayak ve ayak bilegi eklemlerinin sorunlarinda rocker tabanlar, medial longitudinal ark takviyeleri, halluks valgus makarasi, genis celik sank, kamalar, yumusak-yari esnek veya sert tabanliklar, basparmak kamalari, metatarsal ped ve barlar, skafoid pedler gibi ayakkabi modifikasyonlari; mononorit veya sinir tuzaklanmasi durumunda termoplastik ayak-ayak bilegi ortezleri kullanilir (9).
He succeeded in shipping his palm oil to Birmingham, thereby becoming the first Nigerian direct exporter of palm oil (Gertzel 1962:361-6; Pedler 1974:76).
Among these techniques, ozone is known to decrease the viral load (Berrington & Pedler, 1998) and has been used extensively for the disinfection of drinking water and municipal wastewater (Lazarova et al.
Keywords: Cybermen; Doctor Who; cyborg; technology; television; Pedler, Kit; Science Fiction; British Culture; history; totalitarianism
Byron Pedler (right) spent long hours this summer extracting and purifying compounds from dolphin fat, like a laborer in an 18th-century tryworks.
Drawing upon primary source documents, he describes the 1819 voyage of the General San Mart'in and the 1820 voyages of the Pedler and the Blagonamerennyi.
Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne and Tim Boydell London: McGraw Hill, 2001
Los dos volumenes en ingles estuvieron acompanados de un duro debate en diferentes ambitos (congresos, revistas cientificas de primer nivel, ver por ejemplo entre muchos otros, Adovasio y Pedler 1997; Anderson 1999; Fiedel 1999; Meltzer 1999; West 1993) y hasta se organizo una visita de expertos al sitio que pretendio resolver la polemica in situ y llegar a una especie de acuerdo final (ver Gore 1997; Meltzer et al.
Owen Pedler was asleep in his bedroom when a blaze gutted the semi in the early hours.
Owen Pedler, 3, was asleep upstairs when the blaze - described by police as "suspicious" - gutted a three-bedroomed house in Longwell Green, Bristol.
Mike Pedler then analyses another aspect of change -- learning through the lens of practical authoring.
Pedler, presents 14 case studies of lobbying campaigns recently directed towards influencing policy and decisions in the EU and illustrates the effects of recent wide-ranging change.