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a triangular gable between a horizontal entablature and a sloping roof

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Hiring of the cleaning of the public school "virgen blanca", bathrooms and changing rooms of the "toki alai" pediment, building of multipurpose spaces and house of culture.
Local residents could either submit images online or attend a scanning session hosted by Pediment.
The development will consist of a mixed use development consisting of the demolition of the central bay extension to the original facade at first floor level, retention and refurbishment works (to include new structural openings and floor level adjustments) to the front facade up to and including the signage (1936 RIALTO) at the pediment of the second storey, demolition of all site structures behind the second storey pediment, the reinstatement of the former cinema canopy and the construction of a 5 storey above ground mixed use development to include basement carpark on a site measuring 3078m2 The development will provide at basement level - 24 car spaces, stairs, lift shaft and refuse storage for residential use (40sq.
The subject of the eastern pediment adjoining the altar is <<Isaac of Dalmatia Before Emperor Valens>> showing the latter setting off to fight off the Goths.
A 40-page introduction discusses neo-Islamic architecture in general, as well as types of screens used for balconies, shapes of end treatments in local and eclectic styles, and shapes of pediment and stucco decorations.
The drilling arm of Pediment Gold LLC has been selected as the contractor for the drill programme, added the company.
The rectangular moulded-edge top is surmounted by a stepped back with flat capped corner capitals, each with decorative panels and inset coloured glass "gems" and it has a central tabernacle surmounted by three gilt metal fleur-de-lys to the pediment above a well-painted blind Gothic arch and frieze.
The figures her students sculpt, however, are actually "pediment sculptures," as they are situated above the frieze area on the structure's triangular pediment (roof).
If we assume that the 13 drawers were each about 2 inches deep, and that the proportions of the engraving are reasonably accurate, the cabinet (including the pointed pediment at the top) would have stood about 4 feet tall.
All 12 drill holes have intersected a near-surface, oxide gold mineralisation at the Southeast Pediment deposit.
The project aims to restore the tympanum, a triangular inlay containing a rich collection of carved imagery, to its place 100ft up on the south pediment of St George's Hall.
Nonconformist Chapel, London Road - rebuild north and south pediment gable backing walls, renew timber roof structure and ceilings to nave and portico and re-roof.
This archival photograph of the Illions workshop in Brooklyn, taken between 1910 and 1912, shows a typical Torah ark pediment carving of lions and Decalogue on the back wall over the doorway.
The painted hard wood door with its arched pediment is inviting and, from the central reception hall, there is access to the three reception rooms, downstairs bathroom and the kitchen/breakfast room.
Raschella Collection's elegant pediment framed, beveled mirror features classical references.