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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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This system is CE-marked since 2013 and has successfully implanted over 500 Carbon/PEEK pedicle screws in patients with degenerative spinal pathologies and spinal tumors.
These enhancements to the TowerLOX Pedicle Screw System's already smooth, reliable and predictable tower system for MIS spine surgery include:
According to SpineGuard officials, their company's DSG technology will be embedded into Zavation's pedicle screw system to "provide unprecedented accuracy, enhance spine surgery workflow, and match healthcare economic trends.
Zdeblick and colleagues (3) showed that the use of pedicle screw instrumentation results in higher fusion rates than bone grafting alone.
Key words: FEM, pedicle screw, lumbar vertebra, screw-bone interface
The LIMA pedicle was rapidly identified and surgical injury ruled out.
Accuracy of pedicle screw placement is an important issue in spine surgery: published rates of intraoperatively 'misplaced' pedicle screws range from 10 to 40 percent, some of which result in pathological consequences such as spinal cord damage, including paraplegia or quadriplegia.
The results clearly show that pedicle screw instrumentation neither positively nor negatively affects the long-term outcome.
Rick Reardon's buck may have rubbed off a portion of the pedicle and somehow got that tissue into the eye socket where it "grafted.
On February 21, he installed both a carbon fiber cage and pedicle screws into the patient's spine.
The filing of thousands of product liability lawsuits in 1994 against the manufacturers of the pedicle bone screw - a medical device used during spinal fusion surgery - took an ominous turn a year later when three national medical specialty societies were added as defendants.
In a verdict that could establish a controlling decision for hundreds of pending lawsuits, a federal court jury in New Orleans has found a manufacturer's spinal fixation system using pedicle screws to be "unreasonably, dangerous per se.
Bromley and Surlyk (1973) showed that Recent brachiopod species worldwide produce this trace, and inferred that morphologically similar traces from the Cretaceous of England resulted from similar pedicle attachment.
He and the French group employed pedicle grafts--freeing muscles from the body without severing their main nerves, arteries and veins--and attached them to the patients' hearts.
The European market for (MIS) spinal implants includes MIS interbody fusion and MIS pedicle screws.