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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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Antenna darkish brown with microtomentum; pedicel with short, black setulae at middle and margin, setulae at margin longer than others, longest one about 2.
However, the female flowers bract is always located closer to the base of pedicel.
Functional (water-conducting) tracheary elements of all anthesis flower parts, including the pedicel, had helical bands and thus were part of the primary xylem.
In some cases, if a pedicel is lacking, bending or torsion can even take place in the middle of the flower (Lonicera; Noll, 1888), or in the inferior ovary ("resupination" in orchids).
Percentage Breakdown by Implant Type for Pedicel Screws,
At one point quite early on Ammons imagines leaves "mellowed at the pedicel, ready to unclasp to zephyrs," and this delightful line, and especially, perhaps, the word "zephyrs," then seems to prompt him to reflect on what it implies: .
In the springboard or catapult mechanism, the fruit or persistent calyx tube (or gemmae in the case of Kalanchoe tubiflora; Brodie 1955) is attached to the stem by a resilient pedicel, which is bent downward by falling raindrops and, as it recoils upward, seeds are dispersed.
This physiological disorder results in softening and weakening of the pedicel which cause the individual fruits to dislodge from the crown.
Student pollinations are best labeled with colored tape close to the stem but around the pedicel of the floater.
Antenna: Brown, scape and pedicel white setose dorsally and ventrally; postpedicel cylindrical in proximal 0.
Head and thorax brown, buccular and genal regions reddish brown, first and second labial segments pale, third segment brown, membranous areas between buccula and first segment, first and second segment, and truncate tip of third segment whitish; scape and pedicel pale, basiflagellomere and distiflagellomere slightly darker (Fig.