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a small stalk bearing a single flower of an inflorescence


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When detached clusters with ripening and ripe berries were pressurized from the peduncle end, the inward dye movement was restored (which normally ceased around the pedicel end without pressurization).
1), a thinner proximal segment that expanded into a calyx where the pedicels attached and an enlarged distal portion that connected to the common oviduct.
5 um, thick at the sides, upper cell pore is apical, lower cell pore is near the septum; pedicel elongated, persistent, hyaline, 17.
5 mm, finely puberulous, almost completely adnate to the short cupular pedicel that reaches 1 mm long, also finely puberulous.
5 mm wide, ovate, deciduous in fruit; pedicel 3-7 mm long, shorter in flowers, elongating as fruits mature; cleistogamous flowers not found.
1 Monitoring fruiting lofty ash, mountain elm, elm trees pedicel of inventory positions - to determine the number of trees and their health status;
Peduncle length of female plants pedicel varies significantly between samples of different geographical origin (p = 0.
Comparison of sporangial pedicel length allows easy discrimination of P.
Antennae longer than half of body length; scape and pedicel subequal in length; basiflagellomere four times the length of distiflagellomere, the last at least two times longer than the scape or pedicel; distiflagellomere black, yellow at base, other segments entirely yellowish.
Based on morphological characterization, the foot rot pathogen exhibited globose oogonia with paragynous antheridia, chlamydospore, torulose hyphae and lemon shaped sporangia with long pedicel.
These groups can be distinguished by characteristics including: song type (chirping vs trilling and continuous vs interrupted); tegminal morphology; coloration of the head, pronotum, and abdomen; antennae color; and antennal markings on the pedicel and scape.
Head and body light brown to yellow; lateral margins of scape, pedicel, funicle, inferior margin of clypeus, mandible, oral fossa laterally, interantennal projection with a triangular spot dark brown; setae of body brown; metasoma brown.