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a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling)

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We have taken more than two years to research, engineer, and truly reinvent the pedicab," says Ben Morris, Chief Pedicab Officer of Coaster Pedicab.
In September, nine families received new pedicabs through a PWS&D supported program, allowing them to restart their small businesses and provide for their families once again.
8220;We felt that by working directly with leading manufacturers of quality components, like Shimano, we could create a pedicab that meets the quality and reliability requirements of professionals at a more affordable price,” said USA Trailer Store President and CEO Troy Shockley.
Details: Brief speeches and ribbon-cutting; free food, music and pedicab rides; visitors invited to walk, run or bike on new path
It is during the monsoon season when most streets get flooded that pedicab drivers make a quick buck.
Section 35-251(3) of the Chattanooga City Code states that a "pedicab driver shall not operate a pedal carriage or pedicab on any bridge or in any tunnel.
She was with friends at nearby Lulu nightclub when she met the man and they shared a pedicab back to her hotel.
On this photographic journey, which began in Havana and captured images of the Bay of Pigs, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and Varadero Beach in the province of Matanzas, Watson covered hundred of miles by bus, pedicab, 1957 Chevrolet, coco cab and foot.
The task assigned to both teams this past week was to create a pedicab tour of New York.
Christopher O'Kane hit his head when he fell from a pedicab in Edinburgh on Sunday.
A pedicab costs Rs 1 lakh and can carry up to three persons.
Pacquiao is great, he gives inspiration to us Filipinos, and our problems are somewhat diminished every time he wins a fight," said Lando Baroda, a pedicab driver.
The go-ahead has been given for Durham's first pedicab, or cycle rickshaw.
Father-of-four Steve Murphy, 44, has launched the first pedicab, or cycle rickshaw, service in Durham.
Enjoy a ride on the carousel or in a pedicab, savor some saltwater taffy or a slice of pizza, and pick up souvenirs for those back home in the small gift shops along the way.