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a specialist in the care of babies

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TTD pek cok sistemi ilgilendiren bir hastalik oldugu icin basta pediatrist, norolog, dermatolog olmak uzere pek cok hekim tarafindan taninmasi gereken ve mutidisipliner yaklasim gerektiren bir durumdur.
Dawn had to re-take some of her A-levels before going on to university to qualify as a pediatrist.
Now a pediatrist - a foot specialist - in Altrincham, the retired hero believes Rooney's place in Everton folklore isassured even before he has kicked a ball in his first Merseyside derby because of his background.
The specialist has told me to rest for two months and do no exercise, and in the meantime I have been given special wedges for my shoes by a pediatrist.
As an example of this type of fraud, one pediatrist billed a single insurance company more than $40 million in fraudulent billings.