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sexual relations between a man and a boy (usually anal intercourse with the boy as a passive partner)

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Aschenbach appropriates the Classical Greek models of pedagogy and pederasty in order to legitimize his passion and ascribe it some value and status.
This chapter argues for the "categorical unfixity" of early modern boys in order to point out the difficulty of defining early modern pederasty, and the way in which the latter "overlaps with, slides into, and sometimes becomes or comes from" other kinds of desires (114), a point Masten deepens through brilliant readings of John Fletcher's Philaster and an impressive archive of printed images of boys in emblems and historiated initials.
One must admit that the debate landed far from its original purpose, which was that of the defense of Wilde, of a man accused of pederasty, of an artist condemned to forced labor.
Reilly comments on the irony in homosexuality's proponents' pointing to ancient Greece as their paradigm "because of its high state of culture and its partial acceptance of homosexuality, or more accurately, pederasty.
This began to change in the 1500s, when the story of Hyacinth came more specifically to represent pederasty in literature and the visual arts.
Loader points out that the Bible is against homosexuality, bestiality, promiscuity, pederasty, rape, necrophilia, and all other forms of sexual behavior that today are considered sick or illegal.
1) Sexual crime like adultery (it contain all types of adultery) and pederasty.
The first of these situates the novel within the discourse on sodomy, suggesting Cleland and his contemporary Thomas Cannon, author of Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplify'd, explored the category not to vilify same-sex intercourse but to portray erotic desire as a range of non-normative sexual behaviors.
Although there is no documentation as to how the original Leatherman developed the Sir/boy relationship, it closely mimics the early Greek Pederasty.
We have no doubt in our mind that such crimes, preceded by pederasty, are extremely brutal and revolting and shock the moral fiber of the society, especially when the passive agent is a minor", a bench headed by justice K.
Rind's paper presents examples of societies, such as the ancient Greeks, where pederasty was not considered abusive but an integral part of social development, as well as taking an evolutionary approach with examples from related primate species, and ultimately arguing that such relations need not be detrimental.
And homoerotic ancient Greek art and, more significantly, the casual way prominent Greeks spoke of pederasty attest to its widespread acceptance.
Wood's analysis of arsenokoites as concerning pederasty, rather than homosexuality, was convincing at the linguistic level," notes Chris Tilling of St.
Incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, pederasty, bestiality--these acts have always existed among humans, according to Berkowitz, though the attitudes about these behaviors have been anything but stable, even in the same geo graphic location and era.