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Synonyms for pedagogics

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

Synonyms for pedagogics

the principles and methods of instruction

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As screens and screen content are now virtually ubiquitous, the particularities of their deployment and use in specific settings such as education, as well as their pedagogic applications, further emphasize the importance of studies such as this for screen and media studies.
Two themes emerged: descriptions of the major subject and other subjects and pedagogic perspectives and structures.
Recent trends in European countries indicate pedagogic preparation and attainment of postgraduate certificates in teaching and learning are recommended --and in some instances required--to teach in higher education (Hubball & Burt, 2006; Salminen et al.
Although a number of the texts read during the semester in Cities and Buildings are overtly utopian, the overall pedagogic aim of the class is to suggest (rather than impose) the possibilities of Utopia as method and as a mindset, or form of mental tuning, that when brought to bear on architecture and urban design projects holds out the promise of resisting the near suffocating dominance over creativity by the building industry, and real estate investment and development in particular, in the invention of place.
lt;<Trets pedagogics i metodologics en l'organitzacio del Fejocisme>>, ibidem, pp.
The curriculum refers to the fields of sociology, economy and trade (UVM, 2011a), but the specific course plans and literature reflect inspiration from pedagogics and psychology.
Likewise, Henry Giroux, who is fond of citing George Orwell, writes that schools contribute to the creation of an emergent "dystopian universe" where democracy and education as a means self-actualization have been replaced by a neoliberal pedagogics that prioritizes profit and capital above all else.
Jeppie said the committee was exploring the development of supplemental materials "based on the latest pedagogics and historiography".
Research interests: didactics of mathematics, logic, military pedagogics and its history.
Topics include interface design for social interaction in e-learning environments, a pedagogics pattern model of blended e-learning, ontology engineering for courseware design, and pattern drills for foreign language acquisition.
Following a master's in ballet teaching, the academy invited her to teach a course of ballet classical heritage and pedagogics.
The pedagogics of distance education is derived basically from the efforts to answer to this question.
entre otras, la siguiente, Obispos, Nota sobre uns materials pedagogics editats per la Generalitat de Catalunya, 6 novembre 2007, BOO Solsona, 723 (2007), pp.
PRACTICAS CONDICIONES DE PRACTICAS PEDAGOGICS CAMBIOS EN LAS PEDAGOGICAS BASADA MONOCULTURALES PRACTICAS EN EL DIALOGO DE PEDAGOGICAS SABERES Desconocimiento de Profesionalizacion de Mediacion del los profesores/as los profesores/as en profesor/a en el respecto de la saberes y aprendizaje y lengua, saber y conocimientos comunicacion conocimiento mapuche.