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Synonyms for pedagogics

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

Synonyms for pedagogics

the principles and methods of instruction

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Although study participants reflected many characteristics of effective educators, a lack of emphasis on further educational knowledge for pedagogic expertise remains an area of concern throughout higher education.
Here I am primarily interested in his claim that language belongs to all and none, a claim that strikes a curious, even contradictory stance relative to expressivist and postprocess pedagogics.
Didactic exposition has always constituted the core of any pedagogic system," asserted Ausubel (1963), "and, I suspect always will, because it is the only feasible and efficient method of transmitting large bodies of knowledge" (p.
What is needed now is a new volume which will treat children's theatre more as practice than pedagogics.
From a pedagogic rival and opponent, he became the public prosecutor of Abelard, lending himself "for a just cause" to a scene that he knew to have been arranged in order to sentence the master.
Just as in K-12 education, teachers at the college-level will soon find writing and communication being assessed, and the efficacy and efficiency of their pedagogics will be under scrutiny.
Is there a pedagogics of intergroup forgiveness--between black and white, between Arab and Jew, between Irish Protestant and Irish Catholic?
Exercises for personal expression, where the student can express his own opinions and thoughts through pedagogic texts of social reflection.
A pedagogics of experience is thus formulated in both Holiday House and The Mill on the Floss as converting these attempts at liberation back into a lesson in the inescapableness of the constitution of Laura and Maggie's femininity.
When [students were] asked questions about what contributed to their engagement with learning, their answers usually conflated pedagogics with temperament.
MANFRED HINTERMAIR, Professor, Department for the Pedagogics of the Deaf, University of Education, Heidelberg, Germany.
The others might have benefited more from additional courses on pedagogics: there is no separate secondary teacher's qualification in Greece, and archaeology graduates attend only one or two semester-long courses on pedagogics.