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of or relating to pedagogy


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The winners of the contest "The Educator of the Year-2018" became the main nominee of the graduate of the magistracy of 2017 from the faculty of pre-school, primary and special education of the Pedagogical Institute, the teacher of the kindergarten ?
timely informing about scientific and pedagogical attestation changes in government systems;
When more advanced pedagogical programs, such as pedagogical training courses, are included in the calculations, more than one million citizens who hold a diploma are unemployed in Turkey.
While pedagogical agent research has been ongoing for approximately 20 years, researchers have continued to question the efficacy of a pedagogical agent's ability to facilitate the learning process.
This volume contains 14 chapters that examine pedagogical documentation in early childhood education in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Sweden, with commentaries from early childhood professionals from New Zealand, the US, and Finland at the ends of sections.
The sample group consists of 4th grade students who take pedagogical formation and study in the departments of recreation, coaching education and sports management in Gazi University.
This applies particularly to general pedagogy and pedagogical content knowledge.
The TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) model developed by Mischra and Koehler (2006) identifies the specific knowledge that teachers need to own for that integration to exist.
ERIC Descriptors: Foreign Countries; Pedagogical Content Knowledge; Teacher Competencies; Statistical Analysis; Pretests Posttests; Teacher Education; Student Surveys; Likert Scales; Information Technology; Technology Integration; Technological Literacy; Technology Uses in Education; Preservice Teachers; Measures (Individuals)
Rethinking of teaching staff, especially under the practical aspect, the pedagogical skills they need to perform their roles effectively, it becomes a component of educational policy at european level.
The paper presents study on how to use the determined student's emotional state further in order to change behaviour of ITSs looking from the pedagogical point of view and to implement this as a part of a pedagogical module which constitutes a component of ITSs able to imitate the human-teacher, to determine appropriate tutoring strategies, and to manage the entire learning process.
Issues about Subject or content knowledge, pedagogical preparation, social and philosophical awareness, clinical training, policy influences, alternative certification which offered by district and state, all are problems that make teacher education program as a complicated situation.
The changes in Undergraduate Nursing Programs, resulting from the extinction of the minimum curriculum by the Law of Educational Guidelines and Bases (LDB) number 9394/96 and from the subsequent implementation of the National Nursing Curriculum Guidelines (DCN/ENF) in the Report of the National Education Council/Higher Education Board number 1133/2001, propose a critical-reflexive educational perspective in which students are the subject of their education, which encourages their participation in the development of the program's pedagogical project.
Bryusov Medal to the Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Khachatur Abovyan.