pectoral fin

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either of a pair of fins situated just behind the head in fishes that help control the direction of movement

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Pectoral fin length/body length and head length/body length of Liza affinis, Liza klunzingeri, and Liza carinata in the present study and Senou et al.
ensifer are moderately deep-bodied and robust and have melanophores dorsally and ventrally on the gut, in a single ventral row on the tail, and on the pectoral fins.
Besides differences in the body and pectoral fin lengths, this study confirms that sexual dimorphism of the species investigated also includes the position of the pectoral fins, as well as the length of the pelvic fins.
Pectoral fins hyaline, with narrow black ventral margin extending from the fin base to the tip of the sixth or seventh ven-tralmost rays.
Drucker EG, Walker JA, Westneat MW (2005) Mechanics of Pectoral Fin Swimming in Fishes.
fish body weight, total length, dorsal fin length, caudal fin length, anal fin length, average length of the paired pectoral fins and average length of paired pelvic fins, accounted for 64.
The goal of this study was to evaluate the use of scales, pectoral fin rays, and dorsal fin spines to estimate the age the largemouth bass.
2h) some such platelets just beneath the pectoral fin base, distributed stepwise in rows.
It is similar to other lutjanids in having a long pectoral fin, and a continuous dorsal fin.
The whale, he says, had used her 15-foot-long pectoral fin to alert him that she was there.
The fish went back after he and Ashley both noted distinctive markings on the back and pectoral fin.
Using a thin, eight-inch knife he has just sharpened, he slices into it just below the pectoral fin on the side near the head.
By 84 hours, the retina was pigmented, and somites and the pectoral fin were developed.
The permits required suspension of testing if whales behaved in unusual ways, such as repeated breaching or pectoral fin or tail slapping.