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Posterior inner tibial spur pectinate with 4-9 teeth longer than wide and rounded at the tip, rarely with 10 or more teeth.
First segment with 1 inner plumose seta, inner row of setules, and pectinate membrane at base of large outer spine; latter with sclerotized flange along outer margin and fine serrations along inner margin.
Antennal articles: 1-3 subcircular, 4 and 5 isosceles right triangle, 6-11 pectinate.
multi-lobed structure of LAA, pectinate muscles within the LAA wall and a reverberation artifact originating from the ridge at the mouth of the left upper pulmonary vein (Coumadin ridge).
2] of submucosa obtained above 3 cm proximal to the pectinate line and serially sectioned, and the absence of ganglion cells is diagnostic of Hirschsprung's disease.
Hair and pectinate chaetae in the dorsal bundles of fore- and mid-body; ventral chaetae with slightly longer upper tooth anteriorly but with equal tooth in postclitellar segments.
Tarsal claws long and slender, rather strongly curved, not pectinate.
The term 'pectinate fusion' refers to a case involving the successive pectinate emergence of branches of a vein fused with another, the former lacking a distinct main stem (documented in neuropterans, see Shi et al.
6 times length of paraglossae; 4) paraglossae with 3 rows of pectinate setae; 5) segment II of labial palp with a small distomedial projection; 6) posterior margin of abdominal terga with rounded spines.
It is well established that HIV-infected patients and men that have sex with men (MSM) who practice anal sex are at higher risk of developing AIN, as well as immunocompromised patients and people with warty lesions above the pectinate line.
Tumors proximal to the pectinate line drain into the pelvis along the middle rectal vessels to the pelvic side walls and internal iliac chains and superiorly via the superior rectal vessels to the periaortic nodes.
and to a limited extent Rhynchochlora Engel; Chlerogas comprises consistently larger species with a reduced number of flagellomeres (nine in females, 10 in males), pectinate inner metatibial spur in males, and large hammerlike volsellae (Engel, 2000).