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The inner marginals are coarsely dentate or pectinate along their outer margin in most genera, particularly Herpetopoma and Vaceuchelus, and the denticles may extend some way down the shaft.
scabriusculum, but a little more elongate; cusps of inner marginals with well-developed pectinate outer margin; outermost marginals shorter and with a somewhat dilated, fringed cusp.
10, 15) without annulations: leg formula 4123; tarsi with 3 tarsal claws, upper claws with 8 pectinate teeth (11 on leg I), lower claws with 2 (4 on leg IV); 4 rows of 2 to 6 trichobothria (leg I 6p-6d-2d-6r; leg II 6p-6d-6d-5r; leg III 6p-6d-5d-6r; leg IV 4p-6d-5d-4r), metatarsi with 1 row of 8 trichobothria, tarsi with 1 row of 8 trichobothria.
Marginals numerous and slender, cusps of inner ones recurved and coarsely pectinate, outer ones spathulate distally with a feathered edge.
Chelicerae dark red-brown with black mottling, yellow proximally retrolaterally, distally prolaterally and on posterior surface of paturon, with scattered long, erect straight setae on anterior surface and curved setae on fang promargin not pectinate (Fig.
The results support a pectinate structure within the Pooideae, with the following series of lineages diverging in sequence: Lygeum + Nardus; Anisopogon; Ampelodesmos + Stipeae; Brachypodieae + Meliceae; Diarrhena; and a clade in which Bromeae + Hordeeae is sister of Agrostideae + Poeae.
Diagnosis: Externally, this new species is distinguished from all congeners by the dark (almost black) colour of the wings, and by the double pectinate antennae.
5); with two pectinate lateral claws and two broad tenent hairs originating laterad of claws (Figs.
INCI: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (and) phytic acid (and) ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate
2] of submucosa obtained above 3 cm proximal to the pectinate line and serially sectioned, and the absence of ganglion cells is diagnostic of Hirschsprung's disease.
Tarsal claws long and slender, rather strongly curved, not pectinate.
Hair and pectinate chaetae in the dorsal bundles of fore- and mid-body; ventral chaetae with slightly longer upper tooth anteriorly but with equal tooth in postclitellar segments.
Tumors proximal to the pectinate line drain into the pelvis along the middle rectal vessels to the pelvic side walls and internal iliac chains and superiorly via the superior rectal vessels to the periaortic nodes.