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Carboniferous fossil fern characterized by a regular arrangement of the leaflets resembling a comb

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Doubinger and Kruseman (1965) described and illustrated Pecopteris cyathea and P.
Revision and emendation of Pecopteris arborescens Group, Permo-Carboniferous.
They are dominated by Annularia stellata, Pecopteris arborescens, Calamites suckovi, Neuropteris ovata and many other Sphenophytes and Filicophytes.
Abundant compression flora of Neuropteris, Alethopteris, Pecopteris, and Cordaites are recorded throughout all sections, mainly in wetland facies but also as rarer litter identified in red beds of the Highstand through Lowstand Systems Tracts.
1995) and Saber (1998) described de following flora: Calamites, Asterophyllites equisetiformis, Annularia, Macrostachya, Sphenophyllum oblongifolium, Lepidodendron, Pecopteris arborescens, P.
Senftenbergia elaverica (Zeiller) Wagner, Remia pinnatifida (Gutbier) Knight, Nemejcopteris feminaeformis (Schlotheim) Barthel, Lobatopteris geinitzii (Gutbier) Wagner, Pecopteris densifolia Goppert, Pecopteris cf.