pecking order

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the organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body

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It is the time to be jolly, though we can't escape that pecking order.
The pecking order debate is playing out in two arenas: one, the 21,000-SF Arkansas Annex at 514 Main St.
But he has slipped down the pecking order and despite being handed a clean slate under head coach Steve McClaren, has not unable to force his way into the team.
But when you think at the top of America's pecking order their leading lady is reality star Kim Kardashian, made famous by a sex tape, what chance does a mere knight of the realm really have?
The arrival of Hugo Lloris put him even further down the pecking order and after a loan spell with 1899 Hoffenheim Gomes doesn't look likely to be handed a new deal by Spurs.
They also have a pecKing order, where the strongest leads.
And it was redemption time for the 22-year-old after he dropped down the pecking order during the Six Nations.
He doesn't come very often but when he does all the other birds truly know what the pecking order is.
He hasn't really shown the form that he's capable of so he's slipped down the pecking order a bit.
This paper extends the basic pecking order model of Shyam-Sunder and Myers by separating the effects of financing surpluses, normal deficits, and large deficits.
When asked about pecking order in the striker department Mogga said: "Marc-Antoine Fortune's at the front of the queue.
But he is way down the pecking order and was not even on the bench against either Ukraine or Belarus.
McSheffrey, who has slipped down the pecking order at St Andrews, is currently injured and not expected to be fit until the end of the month when Coleman could attempt to get him on loan.