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You don't want to be one of those low-life peckerwoods, now do you?
Ice was a problem, so the spillway from Lake Peckerwood had been opened to provide running water into LaGrue Bayou.
He once called CAGW 'a bunch of peckerwoods,' and said, 'You might as well slap my wife as take away my highway money.
But you have to think of life like it is--and these here Chicago peckerwoods is some baaaad peckerwoods.
Michael Kelly, 19, who authorities say is a member of the Palmdale Peckerwoods, a white-supremacist prison gang, ran into a house in the 42700 block of 45th Street West after deputies spotted him, officials said.
And you know there's just one thing wrong with encouraging one of those peckerwoods to kill a n--.
Her chart shows that suspects had ties to groups including the Nazi Low Riders, the Peckerwoods, Supreme White Power, all prison gangs and the Vagos motorcycle gang.
Thirty percent were are believed to be members of the Supreme White Power, Nazi Low Rider or Peckerwoods prison gangs or the Vagos motorcycle gang, officials said.
Thirty percent were purported members the Supreme White Power, Nazi Low Rider or Peckerwoods prison gangs, or the Vagos motorcycle gang, officials said.
The report identified 36 hate groups in California, including the Nazi Low Riders in the San Fernando and Antelope valleys, the Peckerwoods in Chatsworth and the Antelope Valley, the Aryan International Movement in Los Angeles and the World Church of the Creator in Monrovia and Redondo Beach.