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Synonyms for pecker

horny projecting mouth of a bird

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Wood Pecker (Hamidullah Kasi) 9-0 (cr9-1), Tariq Baran 1; Second Life 8-9, Mohammad Sajjad 2; Load Shedding 8-12, Asad Aksir 3; Jugni G 8-7, Mohammad Amjad 4.
Left is Hoylake's Chairman of Heritage Nigel Pecker and right is John Firth, Brenda's husband.
The scoop on the digger - known as the metal pecker - blue and 1.
Uncomplicated high blood pressure often causes no symptoms for many years, even decades, until it finally damages certain critical organs, Dr Pecker said.
It took five rounds of penalties to decide the issue with Pecker and Colin Shields scoring for Sheffield, man of the match Faulkner for Cardiff.
Based on these findings, Morrisons decided to move all its standard fresh chickens to a new welfare regime that would enable the birds to "live in barns containing windows, perches, straw bales and pecker blocks allowing the chickens to express their natural behaviour".
Pecker says that one possible explanation for the study findings is that sweetened drinks may cause mild increases in blood sugar, which are associated with extracellular fluid volume expansion and higher blood pressure.
American Media CEO] David Pecker knew about Tiger Woods' infidelity a long time ago .
Larry Pecker has joined as a Director and Head of Prime Brokerage Information Technology.
After considerable consideration, Leo finally entered a shop and chose a pecker refrigerator magnet as well as a pair of silky boxers, the latter of which featuring an image of David's wang that had been digitally elongated to absurd proportions.
American Media CEO) Pecker wanted to protect Arnold, since he was very important to their two titles, Flex and Muscle & Fitness," an anonymous AMI employee told the Times.
And then there's Pecker (1998), the most sentimental of them all.
the great red joy a pecker ought to be to pump a woman ragged .
Between his inability to keep his pecker in his pants, and his cavalier reaction to his best friend's death, we're not sure whether we want to sit him down for a lecture or bop him upside the head.
Bodies of Water Gloryhole Creek, Alaska Pecker Pond, N.