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eat like a bird


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Pecking at a red cube : During the first 5 days of life, chicks were allowed 60 min daily to peck at a red plastic cube (l3x3x3 cm).
Galef, also at McMaster, used a confrontation in which males peck at each other through a clear partition.
Its video return offers younger viewers a chance to see Peck at his height while seeing early performances by Brock Peters and (in a small part) Robert Duvall.
It's almost a wink, letting us in on the fact that Li'l Bit's homosexuality has nothing to do with Uncle Peck at all; it's who she was originally and who she will later become.
Temple told the FBI that Cardiges asked him to write a promissory note describing Cardiges' $162,500 kickback as a loan between Cardiges and Peck at an interest rate of 12.