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Synonyms for pecan

tree of southern United States and Mexico cultivated for its nuts

smooth brown oval nut of south central United States

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Rich in monounsatu-rated fatty acids, pecans increased resting energy expenditure in people with pre-diabetes, which may assist in weight loss, to help prevent the progression of type 2 diabetes (The FASEB Journal, 2017).
Fill the baking tin and sprinkle over any leftover pecan nuts.
Every time I eat pecan pie, I close my eyes and wander back to the autumn days of my childhood so many years ago.
The extract found to be most toxic to the pecan scab fungus was purified and found to contain trans-cinnamic acid.
Pecan Deluxe Managing Director, Graham Kingston explained: "Pecan Deluxe is wholly focused on the delivery of class-leading inclusions, in bulk, as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.
Founded in Dallas over 60 years ago, Pecan Deluxe has been trading in the UK for more than a decade and supplies an impressive European customer list of leading high-street brand names and quick service restaurants.
Salmonella can grow on high-Aw, nutrient-rich pecan nutmeats, shucks and shells, but is sensitive to antimicrobials in the septum tissue and aqueous extract of shucks.
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): Naturally occurring antioxidants in pecans may help contribute to heart health and disease prevention, according to a new study from Loma Linda University (LLU).
The National Pecan Shellers Association has published a brochure designed to help health-conscious people improve their diets--Pecans: So Good, So Good for You.
First published in 1994 as The Pecan Tree, this book provides an introduction to the natural history and human uses of the pecan.
Pecans: The Story in a Nutshell" traces the story of this wonderful nut from its earliest uses by the native Americans to the modern day pecan pies, pecan rolls, and just plain pecans.
Pecan trees are most notable for their delicious fruit, the pecan nuts, but the trees also yield beautiful veneer and valuable lumber.
Q: What are the woodpeckers drilling my Georgia pecan trees for, and how do I save these 25-year-old trees?
POPCORN GAME PACK: With Americans consuming 4 million pounds of popcorn on Super Bowl Sunday, Dale and Thomas Popcorn has created a football party box for the occasion with a faux pigskin-wrapped (that can be removed for washing) serving bowl and eight bags of popcorn creations -- among them two bags each of Chocolate Chunk 'N' Caramel, Sweet and Spicy BBQ, Sweet Georgia Pecan and Southwest Cheddar Chipotle.