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After the successful evaluation of PEC registration system by the IPEA, PEC may be allowed to open and maintain register for International Professional Engineers title for Pakistani engineers, who can work professionally in any signatory country as world class engineers, thus opening new job market for Pakistani engineers.
It is also the job of the PEC to ensure that only engineers are hired for engineering roles and that all engineering firms private or public should be registered with the PEC and follow all of its by-laws.
Dr Gue will help PEC to identify the gaps if any for preparedness towards final Review by IPEA expected later this year.
For example, for many years the PEC ballot papers were illegally taken away from the post offices,most probably in connivance with the staff of post offices and then these ballot papers were traded between various groups contesting in PEC elections.
PEC has been developing and building the facilities in partnerships with Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and its subsidiary RES Distributed.
Jawed Salim Qureshi said that any institution who will give admission to students more than the number allotted by PEC will be fined Rs5lakh per extra student.
PEC manufacturers weatherproof and secure protective enclosures for TVs, Flat Panel Displays and Digital Signage.
Earlier, addressing the gathering at the site situated, the Chairman PEC informed that the number of registered engineers and constructors in Karachi was more than any other city of Pakistan and the infrastructure/facilities needed to be developed here to facilitate the large number of engineers residing in the commercial hub of Pakistan.
Finally, we introduce the concept of S-restricted PEC path (resp.
To develop the standard specification, PEC has partnered with Georgia Tech and North Carolina State University to conduct a large-scale research and development program, headed by an expert on landfill technology, Professor Morton Barlaz of North Carolina State.
On other matters, Young said PEC members had high praise for the work of the Bar's Legal Needs of Children Committee.
The risk assessment is terminated if the outcome of Tier A testing results in a PEC lower than the PNEC.
Rice, Chief Operating Officer of PEC Solutions, commented, "PEC is pleased to help the VBA provide better service to our nation's disabled veterans.
PEC's power supply contract is a take-and-pay, all-requirements contract that results in low risk to PEC from fluctuations in its energy demand or from a deregulated marketplace.
After reading the PEC Act I was amazed to find that it was the job of PEC to ensure that Engineering Professions are hired on engineering roles and that all engineering firms, private or public, should be registered with PEC and follow all Bye-Laws of PEC.