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Synonyms for pebbly

abounding in small stones

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They turned along the raised dike just inside the pebbly beach, and she showed her companion the narrow waterway up to the village.
Its waters are very clear, and it has a pebbly bottom and is shallow for some distance out from the shores.
There was not another break in the frowning cliffs--not even another minute patch of pebbly beach.
The doctor and the commandant looked everywhere about them; Gondrin's soldier's coat lay there beside a heap of black mud, and his wheelbarrow, spade, and pickaxe were visible, but there was no sign of the man himself along the various pebbly watercourses, for the wayward mountain streams had hollowed out channels that were almost overgrown with low bushes.
I would drink deeper; fish in the sky, whose bottom is pebbly with stars.
Agony of pain and suffocation--and all the while the earth, the fields, the pebbly brook at the bottom of the rookery, the fresh scent after the rain, the light of the morning through my chamber-window, the warmth of the hearth after the frosty air--will darkness close over them for ever?
And the whole area itself has been re-landscaped to include a large pebbly beach, while the new pool can hold 400 cubic metres of water, an upgrade on the previous one which held 300.
uk BELLEVUE OREBIC, OREBIC, DUBROVNIK, CROATIA Set on the seafront, this recently renovated hotel enables you to take a dip in the cobalt Adriatic Sea or follow the pebbly coast to the charming fishing village of Orebic, where you'll find a selection of restaurants.
On July 9 a silver Vauxhall Vectra got stuck after being left on the pebbly part of Saltburn beach close to The Ship Inn.
In fact, by the end of our week away, we found ourselves nosing in estate agents and pondering a rash resignation and a relocation to somewhere calm and quiet, where we could sit on a pebbly beach having deep-and-meaningfuls, while soaking up some much-needed vitamin D.
Viewed from the pebbly sand of Kitsilano Beach, the skyline of Vancouver, the actual built substance of the place, can seem on occasion like a glimmering mirage, a seam of mirrored glass suspended between what lies above and below, a recent and provisional thing, reflecting what is permanent around it: the sky and mountains, the endless sea.
Caption: 5 Studio A's Pond lamp has a pebbly, rough texture created by a reactive glaze that juxtaposes with the smooth bulbous shape of this floral-inspired ceramic lamp.
Laki Formation (limestone, Marl and Calcareous Shale rocks) is indicated by reddish yellow to pale yellow color; the Tiyon Formation (shale, Nodular Limestone and Limestone) is indicated by reddish brown to pale green color; the Nari Formation (Limestone, sandstones and shale) is indicated by light brownish green to dark green color; Khirtar Formation (shale, limestone and marl) is indicated by reddish brown to light green color, (Manchar Formation Sandstone and pebbly Conglomerate) is indicated by light blue and reddish brown, while the alluvial sediments and recent deposits) are indicated by light purple, pale green and reddish brown color.
Cold and clammy ones, damp and smooth, Dry and warty ones, pebbly and grooved.
It took us 26 hours and it went really well, although I've got some sore blisters, and the pebbly surfaces we had to walk on at times were horrendous.