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a small smooth rounded rock

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He took the pebble from his mouth, and flung himself at Rosalie's feet.
Of course, it must have been the old metal and pebbles which my client had dragged from the mere.
Not even an echo replied, and his voice died out in the empty vastness of surrounding space, like a pebble cast into a bottomless gulf; then, down he sank, fainting, on the sand, alone, amid the eternal silence of the desert.
The sound was small, but, like a little pebble dropped into a glassy fountain, it broke all the smooth surface of his thoughts, until his whole soul was filled with disturbance.
Three days later a message was left scrawled upon paper, and placed under a pebble upon the sundial.
He settled that for a time by putting a pebble in his mouth.
Demosthenes, I know thee by the pebble thou secretest in thy golden mouth
Obeying some impulse, she determined to mar that eternity of peace, and threw the largest pebble she could find.
Here assuredly there is loss, but all the losses would be but a pebble in a sea of gain were it not for this, that with so many of the family, young mothers among them, working in the factories, home life is not so beautiful as it was.
I had nearly finished a cigar when I thought I heard a pebble strike the window, and looking out I saw David's father standing beneath.
It was all laid out into lovely lawns and gardens, with pebble paths leading through them and groves of beautiful and stately trees dotting the landscape here and there.
Captain Granet kicked a pebble away from the path in front of him with his sound foot.
A tiny pebble whirred past with the force almost of a bullet.
Then a thought came to him, and he took a pebble and dropped it into the Pitcher.
He cannot comprehend another's infinity; he is conscious only of his own--flying sunbeam, falling rose, pebble that asks for one quiet plunge below the fretting interplay of space and time.