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a stout lever with a sharp spike

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Gabba Gabba Uke Featuring punk rock classics on ukulele by Amazing Dick with Bobby from Slitstitch and Magnificent Al on drums, Sean Ryder, Rufus Leaking, TJ Peavey, The World Premier of "The Fappjacks,'' Luke Bass, Linda Davis, Zack Slik and School Safety Patrol, 8-11 p.
We found if the visitor was at the patient's head of the bed, the patient reported a higher quality of care," Peavey says.
They're a couple inches long, kind of skinny with a complicated set of teeth," Peavey said.
It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders," Peavey told the Columbian newspaper, in his native Vancouver, Wash.
Marchese also served as a product manager for Peavey Electronics, one of the largest suppliers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment in the world, before joining Sibelius USA.
The stolen disco items include a pounds 700 grey Warrior mixer, a pounds 600 set of Peavey speakers, disco lights valued at pounds 350, microphones, leads, extensions and other equipment.
The newcomer, Ensign Peavey, was plainly unaware of the reputation of the Sky Scourge.
The origin of the cant hook seems to be lost in the fog of history, but more is known about the peavey, which was named after its inventor, Joseph Peavey.
Stolen items include a guitar, lighting equipment, a Peavey monitor and a black box with electrical leads.
The exact list of said items flying onto the M20 is according to the publicity company: One red Washburn bass guitar,one Starburst Peavey bass guitar in Peavey roadcase,one blueSchechter Diamond series guitar and case,one double bass drum pedal and case,one lightweight guitar rack (seen smashed to small bits along the M20),one Korg guitar rack tuner,one Silver road box (Liam's) contents included: one ShureSM58 microphone, one tambourine, twomaracas,afew lyrics to new songs, one pack of gum and photo of Frank Sinatra.
Bill Peavey (USC) homered for Single-A Lake County (Ohio).
Did he play the Peavey Razor (a quirky pawn shop guitar) when he was hanging around at home?
The haul included two Peavey Impulse 200 speakers, a Studio Master mixer and amp, a Peavey bass guitar and stand, a Marshall bass amp, two Technics condenser mixers, two Toaf 240 100-watt speakers and several phono leads.
After automating its assembly lines with roller conveyors equipped with plastic belting, Peavey Electronics experienced quality problems at its Morton, Miss.
When we turned the corner, Herb was still frozen, open-mouthed, on his front lawn, holding his peavey and trying to figure out what had transpired.