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any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat

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They were washed in running tap water to remove phytagel sticking to roots before transfer to plastic pots (12 cm) containing 1 dm3 each of peat moss and peat moss: clay loam soil.
00 at Ffos Las, Martin Lane went through the gears on this lightly raced stayer on the peat moss gallop.
When gardeners make their own compost they have no need to purchase peat moss products - and that helps conserve natural habitats both in Ireland and the UK, and also reduces organic waste going into landfill sites.
3 mg/plant) were at cocopeat amended medium which were not significantly different when compared to sphagnum peat moss treatment.
In the southeast, aged pine bark and peat moss are standard soil amendments.
Getting peat moss into your soil before you seed a new lawn is easy.
Since the terminal enjoys peat moss soil (the soil devoid of microbes), it is predicted that exports of false acacia, rose, cactus and other kinds of plants to European countries will increase from $1 million to tens of millions, Head of Flower and Plants Exporters Union in Mazandaran Province said.
In place of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite (the three leading ingredients in bagged potting soil), you can simply combine your best soil with cured compost, leaf mold, rotted sawdust (from untreated wood) or a long list of other organic ingredients.
Sphagnum moss and sphagnum peat moss are not the same product, as many avid gardners know.
Peat moss is a hydrophobic material that quickly goes bone dry indoors unless it is kept in a humid greenhouse.
Q: For many years, bales of peat moss have been on my list of garden supplies each spring and I've never given a thought to where it came from.
The photographer manages to show that although this battlefield may have grown over and become covered with peat moss and graffiti in some areas, its history is far too powerful to denigrate with time.
He also suggested cogeneration to help with industries' electrical shortcomings, such as woodwaste, peat moss and ethanol production.
Two products are useful in filling this need: sphagnum peat moss and reed-sedge peat (Michigan-type peat).
Baking the tiles removed the peat moss and left holes to absorb sound .