peat bog

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wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation

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They said after the incident on Thursday evening: "Police have just responded with Mountain Rescue to reports of a male sinking into a peat bog at the top of Chew Track above Dovestones.
A police spokesman said the man was "submerged to just below his waist in a peat bog and sinking further by the minute" after stepping into the bog while walking with a friend on Thursday.
The object of the contract is the reconstruction of the fary building in the orava castle complex, Its adaptation to the exposure of the peat bog orava.
And during the early 19th century the Trawsfynydd Tankard was unearthed in a peat bog near the village.
Volunteers John Chrisp and Mike Lightfoot repairing dams in the west of Northumberland National Park to protect an ancient peat bog which is home to a rare money-spider Fal Sarkar
The DNA of the wheatknown as einkorn was collected from sediment that was once a peat bog next to a river.
Radiocarbon dating of other Michigan peat bogs suggests organic material buried 16 feet beneath current ground level might well have been in the environment 5,000 years or even longer.
The WCS hopes that Karukinka will offer protection for the 750 square kilometres of peat bog (a total volume of about 2.
Summary: DUBLIN: Irish scientists have found fragments of Egyptian papyrus in the leather cover of an ancient book of psalms that was unearthed from a peat bog, Ireland's National Museum said this week.
Moscow has been hit by smog from nearby peat bog and forest fires mixed with pollutants for much of the last 12 days.
The battle against forest and peat bog fires around Russia was starting to show progress, with firefighters able to extinguish fires in several regions, DPA quoted Moscow officials as saying Sunday.
Dozens of forest and peat bog fires around Moscow have ignited amid the country's most intense heat wave in 130 years of record-keeping.
In preparation for peat harvest, the surface of the peat bog is cleaned by removing surface foliage, large root systems and debris.
Peat moss develops in a peat bog or "peatland," which is a special type of wetland on which decomposing moss has accumulated to a depth of at least 16 inches.
In the children's activity room, visitors could touch Irish soil without a passport and 14-hour flight - organizers had some of the nation's famous peat bog flown in from the source.