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Synonyms for pearly-white

of a white the color of pearls


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The abundant anucleate (dead) keratin squames account for the flaky, pearly-white otoscopic (gross) appearance of cholesteatomas.
Not that they need any help, but all those young dancers at Sarasota Ballet looked even more amazing at the annual Beach Party at the Colony, perfectly backlit by a pink sunset, pearly-white sand and the shimmering Gulf of Mexico.
But he seems to have forgotten the change in his hair colour and those newly pearly-white teeth.
At the 1-year follow-up, a pearly-white spherical mass 3 nun in diameter was seen in the posteroinferior quadrant behind a translucent drum (figure, A).
Her dark, strong brows have been plucked into an elegant arc, with a sweep of soft brown shadow on the lids, pearly-white highlighter on the browbone, black liner to emphasise her lashline and thick black mascara on her lashes.
Save Our Des) ITV campaign - and saw the smile radiate from those pearly-white teeth.
Her dark tresses were slicked back and scarlet lips framed her pearly-whites.
And they have nicknamed a woman they found after the Pretty Woman star because of her perfect pearly-whites.