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Synonyms for pearl

someone or something considered exceptionally precious

Synonyms for pearl

a smooth lustrous round structure inside the shell of a clam or oyster

a shade of white the color of bleached bones

a shape that is spherical and small


gather pearls, from oysters in the ocean

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Dhoni's insistence that the matches be played on "rank turners" has not helped Tendulkar's cause this series, and he struggled like a novice against Monty Panesar in Mumbai, though he did get two pearlers.
Our non-league insider has two pearlers for FA Cup shocks this weekend.
The lyrics show some clout too with pearlers such as "when you're looking all around but you just don't see'' and "when time moves faster than the bullet of a gun'' showing he's a thinker as well as a music mover and shaker.
Sweeney gave Pools the lead and they were rock-solid for over an hour before suffering a 4-1 third round defeat, with the Championship Hornets scoring a couple of pearlers as their forwards cut in from the touchline.
These two pearlers were so inch perfect, they deserve to figure in any coaching video, and the only chance a batsman has is to play straight and hope any edge does not carry.
It was great then to see him hit a couple of pearlers given that he's been going through just such a lean period.