peanut vine

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widely cultivated American plant cultivated in tropical and warm regions

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The spreader applied landplaster or lime to the peanut vines when they were about one-third to one-half matured.
It would leave a little ridge where you would still have to go with a hayfork or pitchfork and finish lifting the peanut vines out of the ground and shake the dirt out before stacking them.
Another man (equipped with a stick between his fingers and palm, to protect him from catching his hand in the mechanism) raked the peanut vines into the workings of the picker as the machine's pulley moved the metal tines to separate and shred peanuts from their vines.
Out of the rear of the peanut picker came shredded peanut vines farmers baled as hay for livestock feed.
As the animal traced a 360-degree circle, gears pushed a plunger, forcing the peanut vines through the baler.