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(figurative) people whose criticisms are regarded as irrelevant or insignificant (resembling uneducated people who throw peanuts on the stage to express displeasure with a performance)

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rearmost or uppermost area in the balcony containing the least expensive seats

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As a rule of thumb, a 400-square-foot room is sufficient to accommodate eight active participants and a peanut gallery.
Leave it to the vocal peanut gallery to deliver the obligatory standing ovation, the hisses and the cheers that ``Stuff Happens'' - a by-no-means-neutral play - proclaims not to be courting but probably is.
If you were there four decades ago and owned a television set, you might remember a guitar picker in a cowboy suit who once a week got a peanut gallery full of local kids in sing a song about Giant's private label bread to a tune that was more or less "On Top of Old Smokey" ("My favorite bread's Heidi/I hope it's yours, too/It tastes so delicious/And it's so good for you").
The controlling LSO came over the radio with a power call, and all I heard were the voices from the peanut gallery on the platform screaming for me to wave off.
Believe me, the 20th artist in a row who says something such as, "My work is based on a highly detailed reinterpretation of personal karmic archaeology" and who demands that the gallery be draped in black for the exhibition draws severe snickers from the peanut gallery.
He's recruited a gifted quintet of actors (Cherry Jones, Edward Norton, Stephen Spinella, Leland Gantt, and Gwyneth Paltrow) to read the writing of these once-invisible Americans and a shrewd peanut gallery of historians (George Chauncey, Lillian Faderman, John D'Emilio, and Harvard professor and minister the Rev.
In this episode, Danny Schechter describes his pilgrimage from a childhood infatuation with television (he was a "Howdy Doody" peanut gallery member at age 6) through a career as radical journalist and TV producer for CNN, "20/20" and, now, his own company.
Brits sometimes called the topmost seating area the gods or the peanut gallery.
No, Willes will probably never live down the fact that he came from General Mills, and any changes that he institutes are sure to bring squeals from the peanut gallery.
Aside from lightening our day with a humorous quip, the best of these strips offer some probing insight into our frail humanity while lampooning (gently or not) our occasional inhumanity to the other folks in the peanut gallery.
Apparently such indulgences are now outre, for the members of the pundit peanut gallery have given virtually everything Clinton has done a derisive raspberry.
Harry himself has opted to not make it a deal-breaker, but some members of the peanut gallery may think and feel otherwise.
It is time to silence the peanut gallery and the ringmasters who are pressing to accommodate them.
One tuning in to the peanut gallery on the way out of the event could hear the following muttered: "I still don't buy it.