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bar of peanuts in taffy

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The idea came about while he was visiting a lab where magnetrons *, the power tubes of radars, were being tested and he felt a peanut bar start to cook in his pocket.
Chocolate and peanut bar Marathon was renamed Snickers, while Opal Fruits became Starburst.
As for the future, other products on the go include a caramel peanut bar (similar to Snickers), a whipped bar (Milky Way), and a coconut countline (Bounty).
Top 25 nonchocolate candies(*) Rank Item 1 Skittles original 2 Starburst 3 Pay Day 4 Twizzlers strawberry 5 SweeTarts 6 Spree 7 Nibs red 8 Zero 9 Necco assorted wafers 10 Good Plenty 11 Tootsie Roll 12 Hot Tamales 13 Bit-O-Honey 14 Starburst California 15 Skittles wild berry 16 Starburst Tropical 17 Sweetart chewy 18 Planters peanut bar 19 Skittles king size 20 Fun Dip 21 Nerds grape strawberry 22 Skittles tropical 23 Pearson salt nut roll 24 Good n Fruity 25 Skittles Tart n Tangy (*) Based on sales through CS&T distributors for the 12 months ended January 1992 Source; ICC/Accutraks.
Sweets Divine's No How, a carob-coated peanut bar, gets 62 percent of its calories from fat.
Lance brand peanut products include: Salted Peanuts, Peanut Bar, Honey Toasted Peanuts, Hot-n-Spicy Peanuts and Roasted Peanuts.
After suffering a dangerous reaction to a chocolate peanut bar she ate at her home in Greenock, Tiana developed breathing problems and had to be rushed to hospital.
If you're looking for a seasonal gift, choose from pre-made holiday assortment packages, classic favorites like caramels, nuts and nougats or gluten-free peanut bars.
In Jamaica, Miel Sweets is known for its mints, ginger logs, paradise plums, peanut bars, mint balls and toffee.
The flavors provide excellence in candy bars, icings, toppings, cheesecakes, peanut bars, nutritional bars, cookies and peanut butter fudge.