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Synonyms for peak



  • culminate
  • climax
  • come to a head
  • be at its height
  • reach its highest point
  • reach the zenith

Synonyms for peak

the projecting rim on the front of a cap

to reach or bring to a climax

of or constituting a climax

Synonyms for peak

the most extreme possible amount or value

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

the highest level or degree attainable

the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

the highest point (of something)

a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes

to reach the highest point

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And James Schlesinger, the country's first secretary of energy, declared in the Winter 2005-06 issue of the neoconservative foreign policy journal The National Interest that "a growing consensus accepts that the peak is not that far off.
What's more, Hirsch says, we won't have much warning when oil peak is finally reached.
When former oil executive Colin Campbell, the dean of the peak oil doomsayers, warned that the end of cheap oil was only a few years away, he was easy to dismiss.
This procedure smoothed the data and simplified identification of the seasonal peak (7).
A methyl deformation is also overlapped with the methylene deformation, and this peak has shifted slightly to 1,458 [cm.
Both horizontal [1] and vertical focusing lead to a loss of angular resolution via peak broadening, for they increase the vertical divergence of the beam incident on the sample.
Peak custom-built rods for the world's best fly anglers, including Lefty Kreh and David Whitlock, and for numerous world leaders.
Baltimore $418 off-peak/$458 peak $209 off-peak/ Washington, D.
The chemist's peak appears every so often as a pronounced, upward-pointing blip on the readout of a mass spectrometer, an instrument that sorts and registers molecules by their masses.
As part of the Premier Sponsorship, PEAK will be exhibiting its SAP solutions during the event's Solutions Showcase.
For further analysis, we normalized the peak temperature differences using specimen #4B, which had no damage and had the largest peak temperature difference.
Petersburg/Tampa $35 Peak or Off-Peak BETWEEN RALEIGH/DURHAM AND: Columbia $45 Peak/$35 Off-Peak BETWEEN ST.
SAN FRANCISCO -- East Peak Advisors, LLC, an international strategic investment banking and advisory firm specializing in the wireless, Internet, security, storage & networking, and visual computing sectors in the U.
For evaluating different options, the expression n for the statistical (type A) relative uncertainty of one standard deviation, where n is the number of counts accumulated in the measurement of an x-ray peak intensity, can be used to evaluate either the counting time required to obtain a given uncertainty or the uncertainty obtainable for a given counting time, assuming the count-rate is known.
From Red Box Ranger Station on Angeles Crest Highway, at the base of the road to Mount Wilson (elevation: 4,675 feet), Strawberry Peak Trail starts across the pavement and parallels the highway as it climbs northeast over a fire road.