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female peafowl

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If a peahen with no experience of helmets gets the full rig, Yorzinski says, "she just droops her head to the ground.
Greenwood Forest Park in Y Felinheli has been looking for a peahen for some time to join their two peacocks to stop them straying from the park.
Indeed, from a survival standpoint, female peahens should prefer drab, camouflaged male peacocks with smaller tail feathers, as these traits would likely increase the survival value not only of the male, but of any male offspring produced by that male.
But Miami is a bird sanctuary, and it's illegal to kill or trap a peacock or peahen.
feathered crests or long tails, antlers, wattles, elaborate antennae that are exemplified by the peacock and peahen.
His owner believes the eight-year-old bird confuses the sounds of the pumps with that of an amorous peahen.
Biologically sophisticated readers will translate this into a genetic reward not unlike that of a discerning peahen or a gullible guppy" (62).
MELEAGRIDIDAE: Peacock and turkey Generic Male Female Offspring Old pawa pawe/pea English Middle po cock English Modern peacock cock- peahen poult English turkey turkey/turkey hen- peafowl cock turkey/turkey- guinea- tom-turkey hen hen/guinea-fowl gobbler guinea-hen Table 5.
Assemblies, recitations, a peahen found accidentally smothered in the youngest girls' classroom, tears, an exemplary punishment involving lampblack; tears; introductions to the other teachers; crumbly seedcakes and tannic tea; hallways, cloakrooms, a girl pressed close, whimpering.
He said the dog was shot as she went for a peahen after being suspected of savaging one peacock and traumatising another.
I was a blonde peahen escaped from a Baltic caravan, and friends, snowboarding on Mont Blanc and funded by nouveaux, called us from a chair-lift on their cell phones.
Answers: 1) pelican 2) scissor-tailed flycatcher 3) woodpecker 4) the male peacock has the showy tail, while the peahen is drabber in color.
21 Eleonora listed the animals on the mountain: three whole peacocks, a peahen with her chicks, two pheasants, two swans, two whole goats, and a live bear; see Appendix I.
First, researchers fit each peahen with an empty backpack, then slowly added filler until it approximated the weight of the battery and transmitter.