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of bright greenish blue

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The 30-year-old incorporated a bold palette of saffron, burnt ochre, peacock-blue and amaranth to echo the exotic charm of the sub-continent.
Similarly, Correspondences (frame) offers an off-kilter double frame as the nominal subject and image, and in the subtle Framed, pea-green and peacock-blue blotches and thinly rendered black squares interrupt a surface framed by a casing of black artists' tape.
The matron of honor and maid of honor wore supreme satin floor-length A-line gowns in espresso, with modified sweetheart necklines, and dropped waists accented with peacock-blue sashes.
She did not go away with an award, but her beautiful cream, chocolate and peacock-blue dress received wide praise from the audience, with more than one woman remarking that she hoped Sabrah would return to the competition next year.
At the opposite end to the kitchen, there's an informal TV lounge with comfy leather sofas and a fabulous peacock-blue feature wall.
It's best known for its peacock-blue lakes, their colours the result of particles of glacial silt that reflect only the blue and green wavelengths from the incoming light
It had to have a swimming pool with water peacock-blue.
Norah, already a Conker Queen, became first Ladies' Marbles Champion of Yorkshire, winning her matches in Castleford while kneeling on a gold satin cushion, wearing a pounds 300 gown of peacock-blue satin, diamond bracelets up to her elbows.
The peacock-blue flowers look as though they have been cut out of silk.
There's the parlor with its genteel velvet furniture and fireplace with Minton tiles; the library with its deep-red embossed wallpaper and cylinder Eastlake desk; the peacock-blue dining room with its hand-painted wallpaper and parquet floor and the heavy, handsome paneling that abounds throughout the house.
Generally, a consumer will go to one of these sites looking for specific product recommendations -- say for appropriate cosmetics to wear in the evening with a peacock-blue dress.