peacock blue

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a shade of blue tinged with green

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Michele put his signature on the new collection with a pleated chiffon-y floral dress with a built-in cape; crinkled leather dresses in red and peacock blue and military-style coats with fur trim that had an antique feel.
Three of the five models come with a bespoke two-tone paint combination of Peacock Blue over Extreme Silver while the remaining two come in Extreme Silver over Peacock Blue.
Kangana Ranaut looked ravishing in a peacock blue lehenga- choli .
She wore peacock blue, and her silver bangles jingled.
Shades of gun-metal and gold, accented with a peacock blue or beetle green, slinked down the catwalk on sheer, figure-skimming gowns and midi dresses, as models wore their hair slicked back and Gothic red eyeshadow on glowing skin.
The bridesmaids wore full-length silky taffeta gowns in peacock blue.
Also, colours such as midnight blue and peacock blue are popular right now.
The phone is available in a number of colours, including cool grey, silver/white, coral red, peacock blue and purple varieties, and will cost AED 1,169.
In the show Cahill sported three peacock blue hats, all with blue and maroon adornments.
We've used a lovely peacock blue colour, which is prevalent at the moment, and we're concentrating on two areas of the house to create maximum impact.
There's also a stereo headset included in the box, and, the C2-05 will come in a range of colours, such as pink, peacock blue and dynamic grey.
Okra makes use of a process where oxygen is sucked out of the air, transforming what appear as black lines into a shimmery peacock blue and silver.
On table: Peacock blue table runner, pounds 25, John Lewis; baubles, 28p each, B&Q; gold plates, pounds 3, chocolate plates, pounds 6.
Speaking of color: White is very big right now because of the South Beach influence; so are silver and gold, brown mixed with peacock blue or seafoam green, and hits of bright, bright orange.