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Representing Peachy Canyon and Paso Robles is without a doubt the icing on the cake.
Gordon Adam Founder/Director Peachy Mondays T: 07825398740 E: gordon@peachymondays.
It gives a radiant hint of peachy colour that's perfect for everyday wear, but the hydrating effect didn't quite last the 10 hours promised on the stick.
We'd definitely head back to Peachy Keens because we've got the chance to try out other types of food and it was good value for money.
The idea for Peachy Pink came from the fact that, like most women, I've had orange peel skin at one time or another and it really isn't nice.
Peachy Pink's cellulite-combating lingerie and above, Shazia Awan She said: "I'm delighted that Peachy Pink will be going into House of Fraser - we are really looking forward to working with them.
It was a time when things seemed to be just peachy for Romola Gari, an aspiring young actress who has been adopted by top Tory MP, Bill Nighy.
Mother/Daughter relationships are never as peachy as they are depicted on Television.
Lightfull Foods in San Francisco has added to its Satiety Smoothie line with Mango Oasis, a 90-calorie drink/snack that joins four other Lightfull Satiety Smoothie flavors: Chocolate Satisfaction, Peachy Cream, Cafe Latte and Strawberry Bliss.
What do you call tea that is funny, peachy and tropical?
For example, five colors were added to the Laura Ashley Peachy Down Alternative Blanket, which is now available in eight colors, such as pale blue, chalk pink and lavender.
In the irreverent spirit of Betty and Pansy's Severe Queer Review series, here's a peachy gay travel guide (the first dedicated exclusively to Atlanta) that's not just another flimsy inventory of bars, dance clubs, and sceney gyms.
The toned-down peachy color offset by the green is unexciting.
Fuchsia pink or peachy colours look great with a tan.