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for Chinese dishes: peach preserves and chutney

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Quinto Lounge Like its sister bars, Verdo Lounge in Wylde Green, Arco Lounge in Harborne, Loco Lounge in Kings Heath and Desco Lounge in Shirley, this new cafe in Sutton Coldfield has three pancake options on its menu: buttermilk pancakes with banana, strawberries, peach sauce and Greek yoghurt; pancakes with crispy bacon and golden syrup; or pancakes with hazelnut chocolate sauce, roast pecans, granola and Greek yoghurt.
Santa Cruz Organic offers organic Applesauce, Apple Apricot Sauce, Apple Cinnamon Sauce, Tropical Fruit Sauce, and Apple Peach Sauce in 4-ounce-size cups.
Now imagine a bright red raspberry sauce or a gorgeous yellow peach sauce spooned over the same golden vanilla (or flavor of your choice).
Among the flavors is Banana Cream Pie, described as "creamy and decadent" and Homemade Peach Cobbler, described as a "spicy blend of luscious peach sauce, generous peach chunks and crunchy piecrust pieces.
Baste frequently with peach sauce and turn ribs as needed to develop a rich brown glaze, about 20 minutes.