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a period of time during which there is no war

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Meanwhile, the third highest peacetime decoration of India, Shaurya Chakra will be awarded to nine Army personnel namely Major Akhil Raj RV, Captain Rohit Shukla, Captain Abhinav Shukla, Captain Pradeep Shoury Arya, Havildar Mubarak Ali, Havildar Rabindra Thapa, Naik Narendra Singh, Lance Naik Badher Hussain and Paratrooper Manchu for their gallantry and valour in combating terrorists.
Air Policing is a standing NATO peacetime task designed to preserve the integrity of allies' sovereign airspace.
Except he is wrong on two counts, firstly that she was a peacetime PM, which cannot be as she created a war in the Falklands.
The greatest difference between modern peacetime missions and naval warfare is the importance of legitimacy and the degree to which legitimacy hinges on the right choice of a regime of authority for action.
An active-duty sailor would serve three years, then be in reserve for nine years, allowing each ship manned in peacetime to support three other ships in reserve.
The law requires civilian courts to try members of the armed forces in peacetime.
The album is called Peacetime - are you at peace just now?
Mosley served on the bloody Italian front, was once rescued from death by one of his men, and witnessed the devastation of war firsthand; but it was a war he knew had to be fought, and it kindled a sense of purpose in him that had eluded him during peacetime.
1) He also compares Civil War sailors with the peacetime experience of Atlantic mariners, on which there is an abundant and recent literature.
Their rusty hulks may be seen in the pounding surf to this day, a peacetime disaster unmatched by any other navy in the world.
The medal is the second highest peacetime defense award, awarded to officers who perform superior meritorious service while in a position of significant responsibility and assigned to a joint activity.
Northrop Grumman and its industry team are committed to working closely with the Air Force to ensure the Global Hawk program stays on cost and schedule while continuing to provide capability to meet our nation's combat and peacetime requirements and helping to protect our men and women in uniform.
In other words, as a form of Christian discipleship the just war tradition is an extension or expression of those virtues that consistently characterize the Christian life, in peacetime as well as war.
The general said, "To add to what we learned on our successful first operational deployment to the Utah Test and Training Range to drop JDAMs [joint direct attack munitions], fly against double-digit SAMs [surface-to-air missiles] at Nellis and work [close air support] with F-16 FAC-As, we will conduct our first routine peacetime exercise deployment by taking 12 Raptors to Alaska in June for Northern Edge.
Your explanation on the monitoring program seems to say that when the nation is at war, the President, by definition, can order measures that might not be acceptable or even, perhaps, legal in peacetime," observed one reporter.