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Synonyms for peaceful

Synonyms for peaceful

not excited or emotionally agitated

inclined or disposed to peace; not quarrelsome or unruly

Synonyms for peaceful

not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war

peacefully resistant in response to injustice


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On one occasion, while in command on the western frontier of Pennsylvania against a league of the French and Indians, not only his glory, but the safety of himself and his troops were jeoparded by the peaceful policy of that colony.
At no time was the old soldier an admirer of the peaceful disciples of Fox.
And now, having thrown a gentle gloom around the Thanksgiving fireside by a story that made the children feel the blessing of a secure and peaceful hearth, Grandfather put off the other events of the old French War till the next evening.
Mixed with the ape's voice the lion's roars of rage and pain reverberated through the jungle, till the lesser creatures of the wild, startled from their peaceful pursuits, scurried fearfully away.
Only the clean-picked bones of the ape, scattered about the ground, attested the fact of what had transpired in this seemingly peaceful spot but a few hours before.
Round Clifton Hampden, itself a wonderfully pretty village, old- fashioned, peaceful, and dainty with flowers, the river scenery is rich and beautiful.
In the same degree as Cornelius de Witt had excited the hatred of the people by sowing those evil seeds which are called political passions, Van Baerle had gained the affections of his fellow citizens by completely shunning the pursuit of politics, absorbed as he was in the peaceful pursuit of cultivating tulips.
As a Korean citizen I have always been hoping for peaceful unification and thinking about what I can do for that.
PESHAWAR -- Provincial Election Commission on Friday held a meeting to review security arrangements for peaceful conduct of Senate elections and upholding sanctity of vote.
In its statement late Monday night, two days before the start of a meeting of regional leaders inKabulto discuss ways of ending the war, the movement said it wanted a peaceful resolution.
8 (BNA): The launch of the King Hamad's Global Centre for Interfaith Dialogue and Peaceful Co-existence has boosted the prestigious status of Bahrainis as ambassadors of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence across the world, Isa Cultural Centre Deputy Chairman Dr.
February 5, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - The Opposition Unionist Alliance (OUA) has launched a call for a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday against the austerity measures and deteriorating living conditions.
Sheila Carapico, an historian who has closely followed Yemen's modern history, noted the slogans adopted by demonstrators in Ta'iz and in Sana'a, in 2011: 'Remaining Peaceful Is Our Choice,' and 'Peaceful, Peaceful, No to Civil War.
We will start a peaceful protest from March 23 next year in Delhi.
KARACHI -- Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday commended China for trusting Pakistan in difficult times and reiterated that Pakistan is now a peaceful country with a bright future.