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inclined or disposed to peace


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But what is significant is the staunch and tactical steps taken by the government and the determination of the public - not only to accept the challenge, but also to extend their support to the government to crush thugs who are a menace to any peace-loving welfare-oriented government.
There is no power that will change the course of our country's independent and peace-loving policy.
The Bahrain Society for Tolerance and Religious Coexistence organized the peace-loving event under the patronage of Capital Governor Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa.
Accusing Japan of using the pretext of safeguarding its own national security and regional peace for military expansion, a Chinese military spokesperson alleged Japan of double standards of claiming to be a peace-loving country on one hand and publicizing the so-called "proactive pacifism" on the other, the Chinese state-run (http://news.
RISALPUR -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Thursday that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and it would continue to take steps for peace.
2 million buttons with the colors of the UAE flag was completed in Dubai setting a new record to make its way to Guinness World Records to highlight the UAE's stature as a peace-loving country.
Manmohan Singh on Monday said India stands in solidarity with all the peace-loving Americans, who have condemned this violence.
I think this is a fantastic news and it will be a relief for many peace-loving passengers.
It is to be reiterated that Sudan is a peace-loving country that has tirelessly worked and invested resources into deterring all forms of terrorist threats, and has remained steadfast in its search for peace both inside and outside its territory.
Tennis player uses high profile to draw attention to plight of his country, saying Pakistan is peace-loving nation
27 calling for changing Japan from a ''passive peace-loving nation'' to a ''proactive peace-loving nation.
PESHAWAR, July 10 -- A senior law officer has begun serving worshippers in a unique way by shining their shoes at a mosque in Mardan to show the world that the Pakhtuns are a peace-loving people.
The persecution of this gentle, peace-loving Muslim sect is an international disgrace.
Apealing for information Inspector Mark Peters said: "The majority of peace-loving residents do not want this behaviour in their area and I appeal to them for help.
I want India to prosper as a peace-loving, modern and tolerant nation.