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a highly decorated ceremonial pipe of Amerindians

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So, my question is: Is naming a shop that specializes in selling equipment for the recreational use of various substances The Peace Pipe any different than say calling a woman's entrepreneurial organization The Eager Beavers?
In addition to the Peace Pipe, related infrastructure, and various support activities, the new energy hub will also feature a state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas plant whose output will be shipped to customers -- primarily electricity producers -- located within the eastern Mediterraneanor too far from the route of the pipeline, particularly in North, East and southern Africa.
Entries written by fur traders, settlers, and missionaries all note that he practised his ancestral ceremonies, including the midewiwin, sweat lodge, and drumming, and that he was a pipe carrier, smoking the peace pipe before any trade or discussion with others.
I'll be burning some sage, cedar and sweetgrass and I'll smoke a peace pipe and give thanks," she said.
28 (ANI): Formula One rivals Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa have smoked the peace pipe, after the final race of the season in Brazil.
The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) patch depicts an Osage Indian warrior's shield crossed by a peace pipe and an olive branch, derived from the Oklahoma state flag.
However, the record shows that whenever any PM has tried to smoke the peace pipe with India, he/she has been sacked by the army.
Dejection and Joy smoke the peace pipe and take up residence in adjacent
Native Americans dress in deerskins and possess great knowledge they share only after the mutual smoking of the peace pipe.
When the peace pipe started being passed around in dramatic fashion, I stared at the ground forlornly, disgusted at myself for wasting valuable time at such a cringe-inducing gathering.
In the story, a woman rides a white buffalo down from the heavens during a time of conflict and presents a peace pipe to the warring parties.
In the war between the urge to dance and the urge to destroy, Free Blood may be the peace pipe.
Fortunately, the Indian cricket officials realised the futility of holding the game to ransom and withdrew their pull-out threats, Anil Kumble and Ricky Ponting smoked the peace pipe, and cricket was back on track.
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