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a protest march against (a particular) war and in favor of peace

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Shortly before the March, aide to the Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, warned those who planned to join the Peace March, "You risk to spend time in custody.
UP government is not even allowing a peace march, this is dictatorial," said Singh.
LAHORE -- Secretary General Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sardar Latif Khosa has said that Friday protest call should be organized by Defa-i- Pakistan Council (DPC) as Peace March (Aman March) because country needs unity to face multiple challenges.
The first time was when she and then husband Senator Tom Hayden offered to come to a peace march in 1976, and I said, "No thanks, please don't", on the grounds that I did not want the peace movement to turn into a celebrity carnival.
You also failed to report on a momentous peace march in Waziristan, highlighting drone attacks last week.
Pakistan's cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan led thousands of his supporters and foreign anti-war activists on a peace march against US drone strikes yesterday, ignoring militant threats to halt the rally.
Army Commander also called on the army to steadily remain alert and vigilant, either in defending the southern borders from any Israeli attack or preserving national civil peace march, in addition to controlling the Lebanese borders in the north and Beqa.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai's Shaikh Zayed Road will literally open the road to peace on Friday when the emirate holds a massive peace march ahead of the first ever Dubai International Peace Convention that strives for global unity through peace.
Perugia-Assisi Peace March celebrates its 50th anniversary since its establishment before the Italian philosopher, Aldo Capitini, a leading Italian theorist of non-violence, known as the 'Italian Gandhi", issued a statement at the end of the march stressing on launching a new call for peace and brotherhood among the peoples based on the first article of the universal declaration of human rights, which is built on principles of dignity and rights, pointing out that the biggest challenge is translating this call to action.
The peace march came as police investigating the murder of the 25-year-old Catholic officer continued to question three men in connection with the killing.
The peace march created immense moral pressure on the Maoists to call off its indefinite general strike," said NC Acting President Sushil Koirala in a release on Saturday.
People from different age groups and various sections of society will participate in the peace march," he added.
The protesters, including families of soldiers and campaigners from Stop the War coalition, brought central london to a standstill with the peace march and rally.
Summary: The leader of Austin's largest Muslim congregation said Muslims and non-Muslims marched together for peace during the third annual Muslim Peace March, reported Austin's The Statesman on
A hard-line Muslim cleric led a peace march in Pakistan's Taliban stronghold of the Swat Valley yesterday aimed at persuading them to accept a government peace deal.