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any policy that advocates maintaining peaceful international relations

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We admire the work of Peace Advocacy Network, whose work in spreading veganism through social justice is so needed in the community and beyond
Written by Jane Goodall with authors from the Jane Goodall Institute, this highly illustrated tribute celebrates the primate research, conservation work, and peace advocacy of one of the world's most recognized scientists.
President Carter will join fellow statesmen and women of the independent peace advocacy group The Elders as they arrive in Egypt on their return from Gaza.
a Catholic priest and academician who has spent decades working for peace advocacy, development and education, particularly in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or ARMM, of which Maguindanao is a part.
Kanatli's outspoken peace advocacy often exposes him to the jeering criticism of extremists in Turkish-Cypriot community who call him 'the Turkish-speaking Greek Cypriot'.
A delegation from the Elders peace advocacy group visits Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad in the West Bank to promote peace initiatives.
A delegation from the Elders peace advocacy group is currently visiting the Palestinian territories and Israel so as to promote peace initiatives in the Middle East, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Wednesday.
Umar Jaleel of the Brussels-based Non-violent Peaceforce (NP) was released by his captors in Basilan's Tipo Tipo town following weeks of negotiations, the peace advocacy group said.
What lost was peace advocacy, international law, the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement, taxpayers, consumers, Africa and We the People.
The others are Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, and Two Gardens, a peace advocacy film.
The 3-day international peace conference plans to finalize an agreement among the churches under a newly formed Palestine-Israel Ecumenical Forum which seeks to coordinate and increase efforts by Christian agencies for peace advocacy.
Topics at the conference include: "Beyond the Oregon Trail," "Student Peace Advocacy, Classroom Teaching Tolerance Tools, Mix-It Up in Your School," "Discrimination in the Workplace and Fair Housing," "Creating a Multicultural Classroom," "What Minority Students Bring to Learning," "Conflict Resolution in a Diverse World," and "Bullying & Harassment Prevention.
The event, titled ``Words of Empowerment: Creating a Nonviolent Society Through Peace Advocacy,'' was presented by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and hosted by the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy.
One my class projects is called "Student Peace Advocacy," which is a group of students who study the works of Noble Peace Prize winners and create several of their own "peace promotion" projects throughout the year.
He will assist in peace advocacy efforts and work on developing strategies for strengthening networking and partnerships among Pax Christi sections, associated groups, affiliated organizations, and partners.