pea shooter

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a straight narrow tube through which pellets (as dried peas) can be blown at a target

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2) The radio-controlled P-26 Pea Shooter replica even has a pilot with a tiny headset.
375, and it's his responsibility to see that a wounded animal doesn't get away--so if you don't mind your guide killing your bear after you've wounded it, by all means use your pea shooter.
Hunting around on Google, however, I discovered that one competitor uses a laser-sighted pea shooter.
Pea Shooter loves a galloping track, so should be in his element back at Haydock, where he was a promising fifth from a tardy start on just his third start.
Each person had to use a 12inch pea shooter -either their own or one supplied by organisers -and standard dried peas.
THE PEA SHOOTER Windmill Stars' Peader McParland takes plaudits after scoring at the weekend
The idea that England would hamstring themselves by not picking players who play away from these isles remains a mystery to this correspondent - the equivalent of going into battle with a pea shooter.
David Nicholls, trainer of Pea Shooter He's in good form but will probably come on a bit for the run.
UNITED'S PEA SHOOTER Javier Hernandez shouts with joy after scoring United's third to cap their comeback
Top Racing UK analyst Chris Dixon will be our guest on The Morning Line and he strongly fancies Pea Shooter.
But, as a 21st-century parent brought up on a diet of Supernanny, it seems unnatural to encourage hero-worship in a character who gets his kicks from violence, bullying and GBH with a pea shooter.
Doing minor work on your own pea shooter can be thoroughly rewarding on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
PEA SHOOTER Detonator is activated by expanding dried veg
The Brian Ellison-trained Polski Max (5-1) got the better of a battle with Pea Shooter.
If the gunsmith promises to have your pea shooter ready in eight to 10 weeks, and 14 weeks later you have not heard from him, call and ask about the progress, but don't be too concerned.