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the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee


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Using Bond's HMRC accredited Payrite software, the service effectively becomes the organisation's payroll department - ensuring a fast, reliable and secure payroll processing service.
During the annual campaign, all 200,000 employees of the Colorado Springs-based credit union were emailed a link to the payroll department of the company's intranet, from which they could choose a variety of ways to contribute.
RIYADH: An employee of the payroll department at the Ministry of Health was arrested for allegedly swindling SR1.
Part-time workers' annual pay also was based on the April pay period, a method deemed appropriate by officials in the city's payroll department.
When an organization chooses to outsource its payroll functions to a company such as Ceridian or ADP, the payroll department still exists.
Next, our chapter contacted Kim Coker, the manager of High Point's payroll department.
Now, people can by-pass the payroll department and call up the relevant payslip on screen," he added.
This resource for practitioners describes the most efficient methods for properly completing all the tasks of a payroll department.
Pilley & Florsham, in Warwick Road, is looking to expand its payroll department after clinching a string of deals with small and medium-sized companies.
Last week, the payroll department processed checks for 1.
Max created such an uproar in the payroll department that he faced discharge.
With linkages to the payroll department, the system also provides health services scheduler Sara Scherer with the financial information she needs to make overtime assignments.
The entire payroll department walked, requiring NCC to temporarily outsource the function.