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a check issued in payment of wages or salary


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Because there is an outstanding payroll debt to an employee and states have unclaimed property laws, this satisfies the "probable" element for accrual and the company should accrue the uncashed payroll check and reflect it on its financial statements as an unclaimed property liability.
Counterfeiters duplicate corporate and payroll checks, traveler's checks, credit cards, certified bank checks, money orders, currency, and other negotiable instruments, as well as personal identification.
Employees of these clients will be able to cash payroll checks at Wal-Mart stores (NYSE: WMT) which will utilize the client's Positive Pay information to confirm the validity of checks presented for payment.
BioPay's Paycheck Secure system is a complete payroll check cashing solution designed to stop fraud and speed check cashing transactions.
Over the course of a year, these outlets can collect as much as a paycheck's worth of fees from each person using them to cash payroll checks.
Retail merchants understand that to remain competitive in today's environment, they need to offer payroll check cashing services to their customers.
Police said Terry Gene Gertz was arrested at the Bank of America branch on North Ventura Road at Doris Avenue in Oxnard after attempting to cash a counterfeit payroll check.
In this position, BARTLETT was responsible for submitting weekly payroll check requests to Automated Data Processing (ADP), an outside company hired by the museum to prepare its payroll checks.
The CashWorks payroll check cashing solution allows merchants to create a significant new source of fee income while at the same time increasing customer loyalty and sales in the store.
I'm looking forward to joining the Board and helping to establish the company as the leader in payroll check cashing.
To allow gaming establishments to improve their credit-making decisions, Central Credit offers a variety of tools, including personal, payroll and travelers check verification, personal and payroll check warranty and gaming credit reports.
a leading provider of electronic payment card and check processing solutions, announced today the release of Payroll @dvantage(TM), a payroll check guarantee product designed specifically for the gaming industry.
More than 1,500 merchants are using one or more of BioPay's smart, secure methods for processing financial and other transactions requiring identification such as payroll check cashing, loyalty programs, age verification and stored value programs.
com), a national leader in payroll processing and an Internet payroll pioneer, is pleased to introduce CheckPrint(SM), the new on-site payroll check printing service for PayMaxx's PowerPayroll users.