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Synonyms for payroll

a list of employees and their salaries

the total amount of money paid in wages

the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee

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With web based systems users pay a monthly fee, never own the software and never own their payroll data.
Another major advantage of AccountantCentric payroll solutions is that accountants can customize these solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.
While it is true that many of the people formerly on welfare who are now working are still receiving Medi-Cal health insurance benefits and other services, the increase in payroll costs for welfare employees is staggering and needs explanation.
Reporting Under a Client's Employer Account Number -- An employee leasing company or professional employer organization (PEO) with a high UI rate will shift its payroll to the account number of one of its clients with a lower UI rate.
Bob Kerrey, who did an op-ed piece on payroll tax relief in The Washington Post on April 15.
Since only about three-fourths of Social Security payroll taxes are spent on benefits for current retirees, Porter's plan would let workers invest most of their "surplus" payroll taxes privately.
Fidelity asked CDI to close its payroll account at another bank and have all payroll checks paid through its general account with Fidelity.
In other words, whereas the Institute's members may have been willing to accept a reduced payroll tax safe harbor as the cost of truly reforming the deposit system for the core of small and medium-sized firms, we believe it is absolutely essential that the Treasury Department and IRS ensure that the regulations effect true reform.
One of the partners of SimCrest that joined the demonstration was Sophia Gjorgievska of Moore Stephens Apple Tech in Akron, Ohio, who says, "I think this is a great integration for smaller companies, as NAV is too cumbersome to set up with payroll.
Payroll Mate is comprehensive payroll system software that fits the needs of accountants and small to medium size businesses.
You must have youth coming into your team or you can never get balance between performance and payroll.
To ensure that those operations continue to run smoothly, all of her division's Legacy payroll systems are in the middle of an upgrade that will expand their capacities--by expanding their date fields--to enable them to recognize years beyond 1999.
ATLANTA -- TimePlus Payroll, quickly emerging as a national leader in payroll, tax filing and benefit services, announced today that it has acquired American Business Payroll of West Columbia, S.
2012 Payroll Mate payroll software helps accountants, payroll service providers, CPAs and payroll processors save time and money by providing efficient payroll management tools at an affordable price.
a leading provider of human resources outsourcing (HRO) services and a unit of HALO Technology Holdings (OTCBB: HALO), today announced it will offer an educational Webcast designed to help companies understand how outsourcing can be used as a strategic tool to reduce risks associated with payroll tax compliance.