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a person in charge of paying wages

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com's Worldwide IT Salary 2015 survey, has ranked India 7th on the list of lowest paymasters for information technology ( IT) managers, which is a rung below last year's position.
Real Madrid are football's second highest paymasters, paying their players almost aAeu5.
MICAH RICHARDS will tell his Manchester City paymasters he wants six-figure parity with the club's top earners.
His union paymasters have told him to be there and he knows better than to go against their wishes doesn't he?
They demanded to bring the paymasters of the murder of senior tax inspector Sagynbek Alimbaev to justice.
IT is understandable that Fiona Hall, Liberal Euro-MP, (Voice of the North, March 25) defends the regulations that arise from her paymasters in Brussels.
So the question that begs an answer is, what else is going on in this cesspit of power, and by what authority was the House of Commons and Lords decreed an independent state, that is not answerable to the legislation applied to their paymasters, us the taxpayers.
You were entrusted with the organisation for your paymasters.
There is nothing wrong with something being refreshed, but the BBC's decision - without any consultation with its paymasters, ie, us the licence payers - have unilaterally decided who we, their paymasters, will be forced to listen to.
Subaru boss David Lapworth meets with the team's Japanese paymasters in Monaco to make a final decision with the deadline to name drivers for next month's season opening Monte Carlo rally looming on December 17.
Helen Anderson, 49, who worked at the American army HQ in Berlin, sold hundreds of US secrets to her paymasters in East Berlin's equivalent of the Soviet KGB.
The difference is that the allies do their level best to avoid such casualties, unlike the terrorists and their paymasters.
Many packages are full of pay stubs, because shipping lines no longer send paymasters to the docks to hand cash to the sailors.
This revolutionary, web-based system expedites the flow of information between performer unions, advertising agencies and paymasters, and substantially reduces errors caused by the current paper-based process.
Smith (left) is wanted by Wigan, St Helens and Widnes as well as his current paymasters.