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the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents

goods carried by a large vehicle

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At the heart of Harris navigation payloads is a Mission Data Unit (MDU), featuring a unique 70-percent digital design that links atomic clocks, radiation-hardened computers and powerful transmitters enabling signals three times more accurate than those on current GPS satellites.
2 Small UAVs challenging payload providers with stringent Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) requirements
Reportedly, this all-digital payload expands on the advanced features of the current 70% digital solution Harris provides for Lockheed Martin's GPS III SV 1-8 satellites.
The RF Payload Center of Excellence will reinvent the process of payload development through advanced technology research and streamlined manufacturing.
8220;In a separate activity, HoodTech Vision has also demonstrated two-payload operations from a small UAS where a center-of-gravity (CG) payload was mounted, in addition to a standard, nose-mounted payload.
The X2650 is a dynamic in-motion weighing system, which means it measures the payload during the loading procedure, thereby having no impact on the loading time.
Prior to Payload, our eRelease clients created their own upload files to place orders using multiple reports or manual entry of MSP data.
Scoring was based on the quality of the design report, oral presentation, engineering/technical inspection, and flying performance,maximum payload flown and actual versus predicted payload.
The inserted payload not only mutates the gene, a portion of it can also silence the cell's other copy of the gene.
Following discussions with the Hosted Payload Alliance, Euroconsult decided to pursue development of a report on government-funded secondary payloads on a commercial satellite.
Tenders are invited for: Development of a hosted payload interface unit (artes at ref.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 8, 2015-Radio Frequency Payload Center of Excellence co-locates
com)-- The UAV Payload and Subsystems market is forecast by Visiongain to record strong growth over the next decade, as the inherent cost and deployment advantages associated with UAVs continue to run in parallel with the development of payloads that are increasingly efficient, advanced and offer maximum mission value.